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Anti-counterfeiting traceability information technology

The anti-counterfeiting and traceability information technology business is one of the key development industries that the Push Group has created. The business has matured and applied to Wuliangye brands. After more than ten years of rapid development, the business carrier Chengdu Push Information Technology Co., Ltd. continues to explore the domestic and foreign markets. The industry scale and business scope continue to expand, and the industry status and influence continue to improve. The application of the industry has a leading and exemplary position. It has a high market share in the domestic liquor market of the liquor industry. It is the project unit of the “RFID product development and industry application demonstration” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and participated in the formulation of the national liquor of the Ministry of Commerce. Circulation traceability system standards. The main products include high-frequency, ultra-high frequency and dual-band RFID electronic tags, reading and writing equipment, software/hardware and related services. It has the ability to provide customers with RFID integrated solutions. It has world-class RFID packaging production equipment and can be produced annually. 200 million high frequency, ultra high frequency and dual frequency RFID tags.

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